As America Ages, Home Trends Accommodate: “RISMEDIA, May 3, 2006—(KRT)—Baby Boomers who since 1946 have dominated America’s politics, culture and economy are now influencing the next wave in home design..

Across the country, and certainly in Northeast Mississippi, this aging generation has triggered a surge of smaller homes on smaller lots — many stocked with elder-friendly amenities to retard the dreaded move into the nursing home.

‘When you look at the whole senior living world, the objective is to stay at home as long as possible,’ said architect Richard McCarty, who has designed structures to accommodate the aging and those who have become disabled.

Most Baby Boomers — now aged between 42 and 60 — won’t admit being old, but many are planning for it as they downsize from family home to empty-nester haven. Often at this stage, they are buying their last house and want to accommodate future needs. “