How to Prepare Your Home For Showing to Sell for More!

Homes in tip top shape sell for more! These are some things you can do to help:

Keep lawn mowed.
Store hoses neatly; be sure sprinklers don’t water walkways.
Repair gates, fences and sidewalks.
Remove or replace dead or dying plants.
Add color with blooming flowers.
Clear yard of all debris.
Sweep front walkway.
Park extra cars away from driveway.
Keep the floors clean and swept.
Store or neatly arrange all items.
Polish the floor, mirrors and fixtures.
Repair grout and caulking.
Repair running toilet or faulty plumbing.
Replace burned out light bulbs.
Hang clothes neatly; store shoes in boxes.
Clean appliances, cabinetry and floors.
Clean and clear counter tops.
Repair faucets and appliances.
Wash windows.
Clean or replace carpets.
Paint rooms in neutral color as needed.
Quick one-over with vacuum.
Flowers in main rooms.
Play soft music.
Keep pets out of the way, and their areas clean and odor free.
Secure jewelry, cash, prescription medication and other valuables.

Potential buyers usually feel more comfortable if the owners are not present. If people unaccompanied by an agent request to see your property, please refer them to me so that I can pre-qualify them. I’m only a phone call away. Leave a number where you can be reached if you are leaving town, even for a weekend.