Real Estate Specialty Programs (Short Sale ~ Loan Modification) Checklist

Thank you for choosing us to help you improve your real estate and financial circumstances.  Last year we were able to help 100% of the clients that we represented.  With our proven track record I am confident that we may be able to help you too!  Below you will find a check list of information that is necessary to determine if you are a candidate for one of our real estate specialty programs.  Please have all of this information ready for your telephone interview.  Upon conclusion of your personal, confidential interview, we will help you choose the program that best suites your needs.

If you have questions please call us at (949) 481-7358.

You may print these questions and send them to us by clicking on the file links below.  There is a file in word format that you can fill out on the computer and email to us.  There is also a PDF version for printing.

Short Sale Loan Modification Checklist (Word)

Short Sale Loan Modification Checklist (PDF)

Please complete the Bank Authorization form below and provide us with current bank loan statements so that we may speak directly to your bank on your behalf.

Bank Authorization: Short Sale and Loan Modification (Word)