Whats HOT!

Super low interest rates = 4.5% on 30 year fixed

Low prices on Homes and Investment property

First time home buyer programs offering 2% down payment grant plus interest rate near 3/4% below market

Short sale time is running out!  If you do not complete your short sale prior to the end of 2012 you may be taxes on the debt forgiveness.  IT is substantial so call now to inquire about your specific situation!

Because you care… Refer your friend in the months of August through October and they will receive $1,000 cash towards closing costs.

Dear Clients and Friends,

That time of the year has come again when its time to take another look at what is going on.

Currently, we have an unbelievable buying opportunity.

Interest rates are back down to their all time lows. This makes home affordability almost the same as rent.   Its also going to lead to another refi boom. (take advantage because once inflation kicks in we are expecting rates to go much higher)

And more importantly, it means you can buy an investment property or move up to the home you always wanted and save big time!

This is like the perfect storm of buying opportunities.  Low prices and Low interest rates!  Its just a matter of finding those cherries as they become available.  And they are available.  When consumer confidence comes back and the market recovers, look out.

Regarding short sales – The time to act is now!

The mortgage home debt forgives act is due to expire at the end of 2012.  It can take a full year to approve a short sale.  Therefore, if you are upside down on your home, this year is the year to correct that.  After this year you run the risk of paying big taxes bills on the dollar amount that you have lost.

Don’t do it!  We have strategies that can help you stay in your home but eliminate the negative equity situation.   We have already completed over 130 successful short sales and can help you and your friends get out of overwhelming debt.

Wishing you all the best the rest of this year.  Please call with any questions that you have concerning these topics.       949-481-7358