In case you missed it, the financial markets are in a panic and the fed has lowered interest rates.  The opportunity to refinance you mortgage and significantly lower the rate has never been better.  But all the lending institutions are swamped and overloaded because of it.  We are doing refinances with rates in the high 2’s to low 3’s.   This is your chance to either lower your payment substantially with absolutely no cost out of pocket and nothing added to the loan balance, OR apply the savings to pay off your home a lot earlier.  A lot of wealth will be created but you need to act fast.  When the panic stops, the opportunity stops.

This is a time when you need to take action!  I am going to help you with the influence I have in the industry.  Lenders will not be chasing you for paperwork right now.  They are overloaded.  I need you to do 2 things to help you.

  1. Send me a copy of your current mortgage statement to [email protected]    Why?  Because the lender needs to see your current loan balance to calculate the rebate needed to pay all of your refinance costs.  It affects the rate he can quote you.  The larger the loan balance, the larger the rebate and the lower the interest rate that they can offer.   Second, they can efficiently show you how much you will be saving, and will have all the info to pay off your lender if you decide to move forward.  They are looking to do as many loans as possible in a short period of time.  So they are only going to work with people that are ready to go now.  Basically, you need to qualify to get attention right now.  So do it!  Trust me.  Its going to be worth it.
  2. Please go online and fill in the application at this link. CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW     Why?  It will set you up in the lending system so that they can move forward efficiently.  There is no obligation and you don’t have to move forward if you don’t like the deal.  I guarantee you will like the deal.  This lender has been crushing the competition with rates and service.  Once again, this is part of the qualifying criteria for getting things done right now.  Do not hesitate!  Just do it.  Call me if you have any problems and I will expedite for you.

Lastly, You need to know why you want to work with this lender.

  1. They use a loan sifter product.  Everyday, the rates and terms change at lending sources.  This tool helps them select the very best product on the market for you.  Their ability to select the best program is far better than anything you can do on your own.  Call them and you will see!
  2. These service professionals have been in the business a long time and are the best at what they do.  Nobody is better and I have 23 years experience dealing with lenders.  Fired many. You’re just going to have to trust me on this.  Give them a try.  Good luck.  If you alert me as to your intention, I will make sure you don’t get overlooked in this mad rush.